She is visual artist (video, photo, ink) and curator. Studies in Art-History and History of Civilisations in France.

Since 2005, she is the curator of the FemLink-Art collective (145 artists from 63 countries)




- Iceland, Hveragerdi - LA Art Museum (Listasafn Árnesinga ), (The reason for hope) 11-14 August (VITAL)

- Finland, Pispala - Hirvitalo Center for contemporary arts, 20 August (PROTEST, SECRET, DANGER)

- France, Lille - Cinéma l'Univers - Carte Blanche à Heure Exquise! - 10 March (Je tourne mon visage vers vous)

- France, Clermont Ferrand - Videoformes 2022 - Actes numériques - curator Thierry Destriez - 18 March (The Scream)

- France, Ceret - Musée - 4-29 nov (exposition personnelle)

- England, Bridlington - Bridlington Contemporary Art Gallery - 1st,2nd and 3rd April (FRAG) and 8th,9th and 10th April (Femme versus Femmes)

- France, Lille - L'Hybride - (Je tourne mon visage vers vous) - April





- Switzerland, Basel, Gallery Kunstpart (21 September - 3 October)





- Sweden, Stockholm - Galerii Duerr (12 nov-12 December) (Secret, Lie and Deaths)

- France, Marseille - 33ème Instant Vidéo - Friche Belle de Mai (November 15th) (Every Day Superstars)

- Romania, Timisoara -Garment Command (Oct 13 -Nov 13) - (Lines of Harmony)

- Slovenia, Ljubljana - Alkatraz Gallery 28 May to 19 June (Dead Letters) + (The Reason for Hope)





- Singapore, NTU Centre for Contemporary Art - "Studio 37", 20 - 26 September, Curator Kay Syng Tan (Secret, Lie and Deaths)+( The Tourist)

- Austria, Ruden - MAB Museum am Bach (Carte-Blanche) - (Every Day Superstars)

- Slovenia, Photon Gallery (6 june) curated by Vesna Bukovec (Dead Letters)

- Costa Rica, Women's Museum for the International Museum Day (18-31 May) (And Yet, Nothing)

- Italy, Milan - [.BOX Space], 12 May (Secret, Lie and Deaths)

- Czech Republic, Prague, 15 January - 15 February (Secret, Lie and Deaths) + (Female-Females) + (Caricatures and Males)





- Kazakhstan, Almaty - Psychosfera - (15th September) (Secret, Lies and Deaths)

- USA, Fitchburg, Gallery Sitka (22 November) (The Caricatures)

- USA, Fitchburg, Gallery Sitka (20 october) (Female - Females)

- Argentina, Corrientes, Centro Cultural, PLAY (Secret, Lies and Deaths) (August 24-31)

- Spain, Barcelona, Nudo Festival de poesia visual (April 20) (I am turning my Face towards you)

- Netherland, Rotterdam International Film Festival (Secret, Lies and Deaths)

- Peru, Film Festival Alestedelima, May 26 to June 3 2018 (Caricatures)

- USA - Galatea Gallery in Boston (March 24) (Femme-Femmes)

- Senegal, Dak'art, May (Secret, Lies and Deaths)

- Serbia, Belgrad, Cultural Centre Parobrod (15-16-17 January) (The Reason for Hope)

- Ireland, Galway, the Galway Arts Centre·(6 january) (Female-Females)





- Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Addis Video Art Festival (Dec 24 - January 3 2018) (FEMALE)

- Italy, Milan, .BOX space, 13-21 December (The Reason for Hope)

- France, Paris, MBG Gallery, "La Nuit Blanche" (Secret, Lie and Death) - (October 7th)

- Ireland, Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughan Co. Clare Ireland (Female-Females) (October 4th)

- Espagne, Madrid, Proyector Festival (I am turning my face towards you) (9 September)

- France, Marseille, Les Instants Vidéo (November 11th) (Philosophie du Verbe)

- Argentina, Museo de la Mujer, Curator : Graciela Tejero Coni, 22 November - 12 December (I am turning my face towards you and the series of photographies, "the Scream")

- Argentina, Corientes - Play, Semana de Videoarte (22-29 September) (Female-Females)

- Hungaria, Budapest, Gorbe Bogre Gallery, curator Beata Szechy, 30 August (One Leaf, One Tree, One Fight)

- Egypt, Cairo, Medrar for Contemporary Art (24 August) (Femme-Femmes)

- Argentina, Museo de la Mujer, Curator : Graciela Tejero Coni, June 13-16th (I am turning my face towards you)

- France - Lille - Amphithéatre du Palais des Beaux - Curateur Heure Exquise! (March 16) (Philosophia of the Verb)

- Canada, Montréal (Qc), Musée de la Femme (And then...Nothing)

- USA, Nashua (New Hampshire), Healingincolor (March) (Philosophia of the Verb)

- France, Paris, Gallery Mamia Bretésché, January (Female-Females)





- Canarias Islands, Espacioenter, (December 12th to 18th) (The Tourist - Bernard Henry Levy)

- Iran, Isfahan, Aknoon Art Gallery (November 18-29) (The Tourist +The Doubt + Female-Females)

- Spain, Toledo, Circulo de Arte (November 13) (The Dead Letters + The Tourist)

- Colombia, Cali - VIS A VIS Muestra Internacional de Videoarte (October 5) (The "WE" game)

- Canada, Montreal - Festival du Nouveau Cinema (October 13th) (Caricatures)

- Kazakhstan, Almaty, Tengri Umai Art-Gallery, September 22th (Female-Females)

- Argentina, Corientes - Play, Semana de Videoarte (September 16-27) (Caricatures + Too Much)

- Colombia, Cartagena - VIS A VIS Muestra Internacional de Videoarte (September 15, 16 et 17 (The WE game)

- Lithuania, "Kaunas in Art", Cinema Center Romuva and Gallery POST (September-October) (The Tourist + Female-Females)

- Iran, Tehran - Azad Art Gallery (August 19-21) (The Doubt + Female-Females)

- Argentina, Museo de la Mujer (10th June) (Female-Females)

- Senegal, Dak'Art Biennale, (May-June) (Female-Females)

- France - Lille - Amphithéatre du Palais des Beaux - "Soirée Vidéos de Véronique Sapin", organisée par Heure Exquise! - March 30th

- USA, March 23rd, 2016 at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire (Female-Females)

- Croatia, French Institut (March 8th) (Female-Females)

- Puerto-Ricco, Area Lugar de Proyectos (March 5, 2016) (Female-Females)





- Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, KLEX experimental Film, Vidéo, Music Festival (The Impossible Arch)

- Canarias Islands, Espacioenter, (December 4th to 13th) (Femme-Femmes)

- Germany, Oberhausen Film Festival ("I am turning my face towards you") (May 2th, curator Heure Exquise)

- Serbia, Belgrad, Art Centre ("I am turning my face towards you") (20 April, curator Heure Exquise)

- Serbia, Novi Sad, Museum of Contemporary Art ("I am turning my face towards you") (25 April, curator Heure Exquise)

- France, Toulouse, Traverse Vidéo (18-31 March): "Soif de Colombe".

- France, Clermont Ferrand - Videoformes - (March): "Femmes Effacées / Erased Women"

- Cyprus, Nicosia, Artos Foundation (16 october) (Female-Females)

- USA, Plymouth, The Karl Drerup Gallery, State Univesity (November 4 - December 11) (Female-Females)

- Finland, Helsinki, Galleria Huuto - space Pikkujätkä (15th June to 5th July)

- USA, Plymouth (New Hampshire) State University with the WCA "Force of Nature exhibition (July 16) (The Dead Letters)

- Spain, Bilbao, Espacio Puerta, June 10th (Female-Females)

- Hungaria, Budapest, MAMU Gallery, curator Beata Szechy, June 12 - July 3 (And Then... Nothing)

- Croatia, Zagreb, Dokukino (30 May) (Caricatures, Female-Females)

- USA, Gardner (MA) - GALA Art Center (February 27th) (AGGRESSION)

- France, Paris, Mamia Bretesche Gallery (April 4-11) ((all the videos-collages)

- France, Issy Les Moulineaux - Le Cube (2 avril) (Female-Females)

- France, Lille, Palais des Beaux Arts (14 avril) (Female-Females)





- Congo Brazzaville, Les Ateliers Sahm (November 14-15) (FRA, PREO, Caricatures + WOND)

- Czech Republic, Prague, Nod Art-Centre (November 20 to December 18) (PREO-RES)

- France, Marseille, Friche la Belle de Mai, "Instants-Vidéo" (November, 9-11) :-"The Tourist" + "I am turning my face towards you".

- France, Lille, Palais des Beaux-Arts (October 16) - "The Tourist", "I am turning my face towards you"

- France, Toulouse, "Mois de la Photo" - Manifesto/Musée des Augustins (September)

- USA, Worcester, Massachusetts - ArtsWorcester -(Sept. 27th) (AGGRESSION)

- Ecuador, Quito, Centro de Arte Contemporàneo (September 12th) (VITAL, WOND)

- Lithuania, Kaunas, Gallery POST, "Kaunas in Art", (September 17h to October 7th.) (VITAL)

- Italy, Abano, associazione Culturale Khorakhanè - "So Far, So Good" (August 16th)

- France, Paris, Mamia Bretesché Gallery - "Marais-Digital" (June 14th to 17th - The Tourist)

- USA, Worcester, Massachusetts - ArtsWorcester (June 14th - Caricatures)

- Ukraine, Kyiv International Short Film Festival - (May 21-25) (And Then... Nothing + - VITAL)

- Senegal, Dakar - Dak'Art - Biennale of contemporary Art - Institut Français (May 10th to 17th) (And Then... Nothing + PREO, MALE, WOND)

- USA, Denver, Colorado - ART HERE (May 9th - Caricatures)

- Mauritius - French Institut (April 28th : all the videos-collages)

- Slovenia, Ljubljana, Photon Gallery (March 25) WOND

- Czech Republic, Prague, Nod Art-Centre (March 6-18 = PREO); (March 20-30 = RES)

- Ecuador, Quito, Centro de Arte Contemporàneo (March 8th) VITAL, WOND

- Slovenia, Mostovna, Gallery Tir (March 8th) PORTRAIT, RES

- Croatia, Split, Gallery of Fine Arts, international feminist exhibition (February 1st - 21st) AGGR, "And Then... Nothing" + RES and WOND, (February 11th, 13th, 18th and 20th).

- Czech Republic, Prague, 5sGallery (February 04th to 28) WOND, AGGR

- Italy, Milan, .BOX space, (February 6th to 27th), AGGR





- Martinique, "Mois du Film Documentaire" (nov) ("Image, Animal, Image" et "Le Combat des Hommes Nus")

- Argentina, Museo de la Mujer, Exhibition "Emotions" (June) (Resistance)

- Portugal, Evora, Contemporary Art Center "Forum Eugenio de Almeida" - invited by Claudia Giannetti (stills from FemLink's videos with one of mine from the video "The We Game") 11 Jully - September

- Finland, Espoo, "Bike tour to New Media Art" - the 17-18 August" (And Then... Nothing + RES)

- Romania, Bucarest, National Museum of Contemporary Art (20 - ? June) topic: "Good Girls - Memory Desire Power" ( June ) curators : Olivia Nitis and Bojana Pejic (LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY)

- Bulgaria, Plovdiv, Center for Contemporary Art (June 2013) (TOO MUCH)

- Romania, Bucarest, "Galleries' Night" (24 May) (PREO - Caricatures)

- Bulgaria, Sofia International Paper Art Biennal (May 1st to June 1st) (ERASED WOMEN)

- Latvia, Riga, Center For Contemporary Art, March 4 to March 8 (all topics)

- USA Essex Art Center, Lawrence, MA (And Then... Nothing + RES-PREO-Caricatures) January to April

screening, the January 15th,FRAGILITY

screening, the February 12th, screening of PREOCCUPATION

In the gallery from April 26 - May 16th, (Caricatures)

In the gallery from May 17th - June 7th, RESISTANCE

- Ireland, Dublin, Centre for Creative Practices - March 8th (And Then... Nothing + RES- Caricatures)

- Poland, Warsaw, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle - KINO-LAB (4 months Cycle with "And Then... Nothing" + RES, PREO, Caricatures + AGGR, VITAL, WOND) - February 4th

- Cuba, Camaguey City, FICC - 24th to 28th·April 2013 (And Then... Nothing + Caricatures)





- Serbia, Novi Sad, Studio M, VIDEOMEDEJA (Dec 14-16 2012) (Caricatures)

- Lebanon, Istikshaf, Montaigne Theatre, Nov 20th, (VITAL)

- USA, Essex Art Center, Lauwrence (MA) - December

- Argentina, Corrientes, Buenos Aires - Fiva, CENTRO CULTURAL ROJAS (oct) (THE “WE” GAME)

- Canada, Montréal, Festival du Nouveau Cinema et des Nouveaux Médias (October 8th and 13th) (The FIGHT)

- Mexico, Veracruz (June 5th) (Caricatures + AGG, VIT, PREO)

- Mexico, Mexico City, Casa Talavera - (May 9-June) (Caricatures + AGG, VIT, PREO)

- USA, Newark NJ - Gallery Aferro from11/5/2011-12/17/2011. Media Room, Liminal Space, Project Room, and Main Gallery. (THE «·WE·» GAME)

- Italie, Roma - Casa Internationale Delle Donne, 8 March (?)

- Greece, Athens - Booze Cooperativa, 4-5-6 March (Caricatures + And Then... Nothing + RES)

- Mexico, National Art-Centre of Mexico, 6 March to 30 March (Caricatures + AGG, VIT, PREO)

- India, Sattal Estate, Bhimtal - "Carnival of E. Creativity" - 25-25-26 February (AGGR)

- Slovenia, Ljubljana, Photon Gallery, 28 février (Caricatures)





- France, Lille, Auditorium Palais des Beaux Arts, (DEAD LETTERS)

- Canada, Moncton, FICFA, Gallerie Sans Nom, 17-26 November, (COMBAT DES HOMMES NUS)

- Cuba, Camaguey, International Video-Art Festival, 25-29 November (THE BATTLE OF NAKED MEN)

- Mexico, III SEMINARIO DE ARTE, GÉNERO, ESPACIO PUBLICO Y MIGRACIÓN Aula Magna del Centro Nacional de las Artes del INBA - October - (RES)

- China - Ningbo, DRHA-2011 Conference, 5-6 September (MALE)

- Lithuania, Kaunas, Gallery “Meno parkas”, 26 Jully 2011 to 10 August 2011, (Caricatures)

- USA , Laconia - New Hampshire, at the Historic Belknap Mill., July 14 (Caricatures)

- China, Hongkong, InDpanda Festival (August) - (TOO MUCH; Caricatures)

- Argentina, St Raphael, Mendoza - A+A Contemporary Art Gallery - Jully (AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK·; TOO MUCH·; THE «·WE·» GAME·; Caricatures)

- Lithuania, Kaunas, Art Festival „Kaunas in Art“ - Daugirdas amphitheatre 9 June - 19 and 26 Jully (TOO MUCH·; THE «·WE·» GAME·; Caricatures)

- France, Biennale Contemporary Art - Nîmes, Galerie 4 Barbiers - 27 June-30 Jully (WONDER)

- France - Marseille, Les Instants Nomades, oct (THE BATTLE OF NAKED MEN)»)

- Canada - Montreal - Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, 12 au 23 octobre 2011 (THE BATTLE OF NAKED MEN)»)

- Lithuania - Kaunas - Gallery “Meno parkas”, Kaunas - 12 April - 29 April (AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK·)

- The Netherlands - TAC Art Center - 3-23 March (THE REASON TO HOPE; DEAD LETTERS; DOUBT)

- Cyprus - Artos Foundation - 8 March (THE REASON TO HOPE; DEAD LETTERS; DOUBT)

- USA - Rollstone Gallery - Fitchburg, MA - March 3 - April 15th, 2011 (THE REASON TO HOPE; DEAD LETTERS; DOUBT)

- United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Rotunda Gallery, AUD AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK·; TOO MUCH·; THE «·WE·» GAME·; Caricatures)

- United Arab Emirates - Dubai : XVA Gallery - Bastakiya - 8 March (AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK·; THE «·WE·» GAME·; Caricatures)

- France : ANNECY : Espace 60 - 8 March (Caricatures)

- Lithuania, Kaunas, the Gallery Meno Parkas - - 3 - 17 March - AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK·; TOO MUCH·; THE «·WE·» GAME·; Caricatures)

- USA - New-York, Hilton Hotel, WCA Confab, 10 February (Caricatures)

- Slovenia, Maribor - Cinema Kino Udarnik -

3 and 17 February (AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK·)

7 and 21 April (Caricatures)







- Algeria, First Biennal of Oran, 27,28,29 nov (THE "WE" GAME)

- Estonia, Tallinn, Museum of Occupations (AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK·; TOO MUCH·; THE «·WE·» GAME·; Caricatures)

- Lebanon, Beyrouth, Shams Center (AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK·; THE «·WE·» GAME·; CARICATURES AND ONE MALE)10 déc

- Switzerland, Zürich, Gallery Peripher (THE TOTAL BLANK), 12 oct-23 déc (AND THEN, NOTHING)

- Ecuador, Quito, Project Room de Arte Actual / FLACSO, (THE "WE" GAME)

- Greece, Thessaloniki, at Macedonian Museum, participation to the exhibition of Maria Papacharalambous, December 2010 - January 2011

- Egypt, Caire, Mohamed Mokhtar Culturel Center, March (THE "WE" GAME)


- Cyprus, University of Nicosi, February 17 (Caricatures)

- Cyprus, of Limasol, February 18 (Caricatures)

- Philippines, Film Institute of the Philippines, February 13 (TOO-MUCH, THE "WE" GAME)

- USA, Lynn (MA), Lynn Arts Center

- Mexico, Merida, Galerie Frontground (AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK, Caricatures), 15 April

- Spain, Barcelona, Loop Festival, May (Caricatures)




- France, Toulouse, Festival Novela, November (PHOTO)

- France, Toulouse, Museum d’Histoire Naturelle, November 1nd-8-15-22 (IT’S NOTHING)

- Australia, Melbourne, Loop, October (AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK·; TOO MUCH·; THE «·WE·» GAME·; Caricatures)

- France, Marseille, Les Instants-Vidéo, November (THE BANKER, TOO MUCH, THE SPHINX, SOMEWHERE)

- Hungary, Budapest, the International FilmFest, at Hungarian Multicultural Center, August («·THE WE GAME·»)

- Palestinian Territories, Ramallah, Video-Festival «·/Si:n·», Fondation Al Qattan and the Franco-German Cultural Center)19-24 mai (TOO MUCH)

- France, Avignon, Festival Corto del Med·, June 11-14 juin (THE WE GAME)

- France, Bourges, Bandits-Mages, May, 6-0 Mai (TOO MUCH)

- USA, Boston, Boston's CyberArts Festival at Leslie University, May 1st (TOO MUCH)

- USA, Concord (New Hampshire) at the Red River Theater - March 20 (THE WE GAME)

- USA, Franklin Pierce University (New Hampshire) - March 12th. (AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK)

- USA, Florissant Valley (Missouri) - March 3rd. (AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK)

- USA, Boston, Art Institute of Boston, February ·5th - March 6th (AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK + THE WE GAME)





- Romania, Bucharest, «·Perspective·» Anaid Art Gallery, Nov. 20 («AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK» + «·THE «·WE·»GAME·»)

- France, Marseille, Les Instans Video, November 16, («AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK »)

- Canada, Montréal, Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, 10 and 15 oct («·LES LEGERETES D’UN MONDE·»)

- France, Lille, «·Au Féminin·», Palais des Beaux Arts, March the 4 (UTOPIA)

- France, Cachan, Espace d’Art Contemporain Dialogos, April 10 – May 25 (LES HEURES ET L’INSTANT)

- USA, The Michigan Theater, October («·TOO MUCH·»)

- USA, Toledo (Ohio), The University of Toledo, October 14th

- Norway, Oslo Screen Festival, at Sound of Mu, October 24th (THE «·WE·»GAME)

- USA, CMCA - Center for·Maine·Contemporary Art in·Rockport (Maine)···Oct. 5 - 9th and Oct. 21 - 29th.

- Venezuela, Maracaibo, Art Center Lia Bermudez, Sept 16 and 19 («·AND THEN, NOTHING·» + «·THE «·WE·»GAME·»)

- USA, Fitchburg (MA), the Fitchburg Art Museum in the CMWCA show, June 22nd - September 7th (AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK)

- Bulgaria, Varna, Videoholica - Biennal August in Art, August 7th

- Hungary, Budapest, the International FilmFest, at Hungarian Multicultural Center, August 04-05. (THE «·WE·»GAME)

- France, Biennale of Contemporary Art, Nîmes, July (TOO MUCH)

- Argentina, Mar del Plata, Auditorio. June 15 – («·THE «·WE·»GAME·» + «·AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK·»)

- Spain, Barcelona, Loop Festival (May) (TOO MUCH)

- Puerto Ricco, AREA-Lugar de Proyectos Caguas PR- April 29 (THE «·WE·»GAME)

- Palestine, Ramallah, Fondation Al Qattan (with the Franco-German Cultural Center), April 8 – (THE «·WE·»GAME)

- France, Les Temps Forts d’HE, Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille, March (UTOPIA)

- USA - Franklin Pierce University (New Hampshire) - March 6 – («·AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK·» + «·THE «·WE·»GAME·»)

- Germany, Berlin, Directors Lounge, the 58th Berlin International Festival - 7.-17. Febr (THE «·WE·»GAME)





- France, Marseille, «·les Instants Vidéo·», Polygone Etoilé (December 8) (UTOPIA)

- Indonesia, Jakarta, French Cultural Center, December 14 – January 5 (THE «·WE·»GAME)

- Ireland, Dublin, The Shed, November 15th (THE «·WE·»GAME)

- France, Marseille, «·La Compagnie·», 10 novembre (LIGHTS OF ONE WORLD)

- Venezuela, Caracas , Taller Multimedia 2007 and «·les Instants Vidéo·» Nov 4, (THE «·WE·»GAME)

- Martinique, Sainte-Lucie, Festival des Sens (01-11 nov) (UTOPIA)

- France, Marseille, le FEVE, Carte Blanche Simone Dompeyre, (October) (THE HOURS AND ONE MOMENT)

- Lebanon, Beyrouth, «·les Instants Vidéo·» with Shams, October 12 – 14 (THE «·WE·»GAME)

- France, Issy les Moulineaux, Cultural Center Le Cube, October 25 («·THE «·WE·»GAME·» + «·AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK·»)

- Palestine, Ramallah, Fondation Al Qattan (with th French Cultural Center) (THE «·WE·»GAME)

- France, Paris, Mairie du IXéme, «·Itinéraires·», September 8-30 (AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK)

- Mexico, 6DOF, Puebla, Cultural Center «·La Cloaca·», 6-14 sept 07 («·AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK·» + «·THE «·WE·»GAME·»)

- Singapore, Singapore Film Festival (September) (LIBERTY-EGALITY-FRATERNITY)

- Croatia, Pula, Pula Film Festival (July 4-21) (THE «·WE·»GAME)

- Greece, Athens Video Art Festival, April, (AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK)

- France, Vidéoformes·; Clermont-Ferrand, March (FROM STRIKES - FROM LINES)

- USA, Cambridge, CyberArts Night Vision Festival 2007 (THE «·WE·»GAME)

- France, Cachan, Espace Dialogos, Orangerie (May 14 – June 2) (THE «·WE·»GAME)

- France, Toulouse , Centre Culturel Bellegarde, April 18 (THE «·WE·»GAME)

- Argentina, Buenos Aires Centro Cultural San Martin, « Cultura y Media », May 3

- USA, New-York : Women's Caucus for Art International Video Screening (February 18) – (THE «·WE·»GAME)

- Macedonia, Skopje, in the multimedia center “Mala Stanica”, with collaboration of Lokomotiva, Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture (February 27) - THE «·WE·»GAME

- Germany, Berlin, "Directors Lounge", Contemporary Media and Art – (AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK)

- Nederlands, Eindhoven, Temporary Art Center (March 8 – 23) – («·AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK·» + «·THE «·WE·»GAME·»)

- Canada, Québec, Centre Vidéofemmes, March 9 («·AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK·» + «·THE «·WE·»GAME·»)

- Spain, Barcelona, FESTIVAL LOOP, May 23 – June 3 (THE «·WE·»GAME)

USA, Fitchburg State College (March 22) (AND THEN, THE TOTAL BLANK)





- France, Instants Vidéos, Ecole d’Art, Aix les Bains, (18 nov)

- France, Centre d’Arts Contemporains Satellite Brindeau, Le Havre, (octobre)

- France, Paris - "Nuit Blanche", (7-8 oct )

- Scotia, Edinburgh - Biennale Européenne d'Art Contemporain

- France, Paris - Exposition Internationale d'Art Contemporain, Jeune Création (28 sept-8 oct)

- Lithuania, Kaunas - Biennale Européenne d'Art Contemporain

- Poland, Varsovie - Biennale Européenne d'Art Contemporain,

- France, Mende - Biennale Européenne d'Art Contemporain, (1er-15 aout)

- Uruguay, Montevideo - Foundation of Contemporary Art (FAC), (6-26 juillet)

- Indonesia, Jakarta - Teater Utan Kayu·(TUK),

- France, Nîmes - Biennale Européenne d'Art Contemporain,

- Indonesia, Bandung Cinematic Lab - Video Lab,

- Indonesia, Bandung - Potluck, Bedah Video,

- Indonesia, Bandung - Soemardja Gallery,

- USA, Boston - WCA International Woman Video,

- Germany, Oberhausen - International Short Film Festival,

- Le Cube, Issy les Moulineaux, France

- Artos Foundation, Nicosi, Chypre

- Traverse-Vidéo, Chapelle des Carmelites, Toulouse, France





- Centre Culturel Bellegarde, Toulouse, France, 2005

- Festival Artronica 2005 de Bogota, Colombie

- Séquences, cinémathèque,Toulouse, nov 2005

- Festival du Nouveau Cinéma et des Nouveaux Médias, Montréal, Canada

- Videoex, Experimentalfilm & Video Festival, Zurich, Suisse

- Rencontres Audiovisuelles de Lilles, France

- Traverse-Vidéo Toulouse, France

- Vidéoformes, Clermont-Ferrand, France





- Rencontres Parallèles, Hérouville Saint-clair, France

- Artronica, Bogota, Colombie

- Station Arts Electroniques, Rennes, France

- Manifesto, Toulouse, France

- Centre culturel Château de Linardié, Gaillac, France

- Galerie JLS-13, Paris, France

- Festival International du Court Métrage, Lille, France

- Av-Arkki, Finlande

- Art Gene, Grande Bretagne

- Foro Artistico, Allemagne

- FestivalTraverse Vidéo, Toulouse, France





- Les Jeudis du Collectif Jeune Cinéma, Paris, France

- Interurbain, Strasbourg, France

- 11 corto mettrage chileno, Santiago du Chili, Chili

- Festival Shift, Annecy, France

- Musée d'Art Contemporain, Nice, France

- Festival des Arts Electroniques, Bogota, Colombie

- Polygone Etoilé, Marseille, France

- Ecole d'Art, Aix en Provence, France

- Les Instants-Vidéo, Manosque, France

- Festival Manifesto, Toulouse, France

- Sudio F3Bc + Vernissage Michel Fourcade, Toulouse, France

- Festival Monik, Blagnac, France

- I Media, Calgary, Canada





- Journées de la Culture; Québec, Canada

- Festival Traverse Vidéo, Toulouse, France

- Vidéoformes, Clermont-Ferrand, France





- Festival International du Nouveau Cinéma et des Nouveaux Médias, Montréal, Canada

- "North of 495", New England, USA

- Niagara Indie FilmFest, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada (selected as "Best Independant Experimental")

- Merrimack Monitor, Boston, USA

- Vidéoformes, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Clermont-Ferrand, France,

- Quelques Zécrans de Neige, Centre d'Artistes Vaste et Vague, Carleton, Canada

- Les Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois, Hull, Canada

- Les Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois, Montréal, Canada

- Galerie Vertical, Laval, Canada,





- Actions/Performances, GIV Montréal, Canada

- La Nuit Cathodique, Hors-Bord Montréal, Canada

- Exploration Vidéo – Milieu Urbain / Milieu Humain, ENAP, Québec, Canada

- Festival International du Nouveau Cinéma et des Nouveaux Médias, Montréal, Canada

- Festival der Nationen, Ebensee, Autriche

- Festival de Casablanca, Maroc

- 15 ème Vidéoformes, Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Clermont-Ferrand, France

- Les 18ème Rendez-Vous de Cinéma Québécois, Montréal, Canada

- Bistrot-Vidéo (Office National du Film) Montréal, Canada





- Les Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois, Montréal, Canada

- International Festival for Animation and Short Films, Dresden, Allemagne

- “La vidéo à part et ...entière”, Télévision, Québec, Canada

- “ Avez-vous Vues ?”, Québec, Canada





- The Prince Edward Island Experiment, Charlottetown, Canada

- Festival Vidéo Liège, Belgique

- Vidéoformes, Galerie Bain-D’Huiles, Clermond-Ferrand, France

- 12ème Rencontres Vidéo-Arts Plastiques, Hérouville Saint-Clair, France

- Scanner, Québec, Canada

- Les Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois, Montréal (Cinémathèque), Canada

- Les Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois, Québec (Musée de la Civilisation), Canada





- Les Journées Nationales de la Culture, Ecomusée de l’Industrie, Montréal, Canada

- Canadian International Annual Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada

- Galerie du “Quartier Ephémère”, Montréal, Canada

- Vidéoformes, Clermont-Ferrand, France

- Festival Estavar-Llivia, France


Véronique Sapin